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Naruto 475 RAW Spoiler with English Sub

Naruto shippuden manga 475 spoiler. Read the english translation below the manga images.

What is Madara's purpose in appearing before Danzou...!?

Danzou unfastens the screws of the instrument on his right arm.

Madara: You're serious it seems, Danzou.

Danzou: Madara...We don't know what his ability is yet, so be careful.

Fuu: Yes sir.

Fuu: Torune, lets attack and cover each other.

Torune: Understood.

Madara is standing atop a pillar/post.

Fuu and Torune thrust something at Madara.

Torune throws a kunai at Madara.

Madara runs and as he tries to land, Fuu trys to snare him with Shintenshin.

Madara disappears into the ground.

Fuu: He vanished into the ground. As thought his ability seems to be to slip through things with his body.

Torune: How goes it? Can you sense his chakra now?

Fuu: No, its disappeared completely.

Fuu: !

Madara appears from behind.

Turning around, Fuu slashes with a sword.

The sword goes into Madara's mask. It goes through. Madara then grabs Fuu's arm.

There, Torune throws a kunai at Madara.

The kunai makes contact with the mask, but goes through.

Fuu then distances himself from Madara.

Madara: Sensing and that Shintenshin're of the Yamanaka clan huh...

Torune: To protect himself from an opponent's attack, he lets things slip through his body.

Fuu: To make a physical attack though, he has to fully basically, we should aim for a counter attack.

Madara: Well thought out...nice analysis.

Torune whispers in Fuu's ear (We have to create an opening to time the counter. In two steps we need to attack consecutively. The first step is the decoy.)

Fuu: (I'll be the decoy... ...he's waiting on the SHintenshin. Go as the main.)

Torune removes his gloves with his mouth.

Fuu thrusts something at Madara. Madara avoids.

When an opening appears Torune: (Here it is!!)

Madara avoids, the force of the attack doesn't stop though, and the counter punch hits Fuu's left hand, making contact.

Fuu collapses. Fuu's right hand starts to decay? from bacteria?

Gloves removed, the cells of things touched break down.

Torune: (That guy...intentionally pretended to attack...damn!)

Madara: ...

Fuu collapses. With Sharingan, Madara can see his state.

Madara: Hoo... a jutsu with cells infused with chakra that can troublesome.

Torune goes to Fuu's side: Sorry Fuu, I'll remove it soon.

Madara: !

With his index finger, Torune touches Fuu's wound.

Madara: It isn't chakra is it. These are nano-sized poisonous were close, recently...a ninja having this hiden jutsu within the Aburame have the antiboides for those insects...only that Aburame Shikuro guy supposedly had it...

Torune sweating.

Madara vanishes into the ground: Danzou... you've got some good subordinates don't you...

Fuu: Sorry Torune.

Torune takes the clothes he's wearing, off (just his top): Fuu, don't lose focus! Sense that guy's location now! We'll settle this with the next one!

Torune's body is slowly becoming black. The cells of the things he touches decay, so by removing his clothes, he increases his range.

But Madar comes from behind. Torune gets sucked into his mask.

Fuu: Dammit! (Torune got sucked in!?)

Madara: My right arm has been infected by poisonous insects huh...

Madara removes his own right arm and drops it on the ground.

Fuu: !?

Madara kicks the arm he threw onto the ground.

Fuu avoids.

Now only Madara's head appears fromt he ground: You're next.

Fuu: !?

Fuu gets sucked into Madara's mask too.

His hands on Naruto's shoulders, Gaara: ...

Naruto's face is seen, as if he can't say anything.

Gaara looks behind: ...

Temari: We've told you everything there is to tell. Let's go back Gaara. We are going to make the trip back to the village from here. Hatake Kakashi...with you as Hokage, and us, the Sand as an allied nation, let's hope this news doesn't stir any disorder.

Kakashi: Understood.

Back to Naruto, not saying anything.

Gaara, while looking behind: I think of myself as your friend.

Naruto: !

Gaara: I once thought of the word friend as just a word...there was nothing more or less to it. But having met you, I've come to realize that what's important about that word is its meaning.

Naruto: ...

With just his head (in the frame), Naruto looking at Gaara: What are the things that give it meaning? Think hard about the things you're willing to do for Sasuke's sake.

Naruto: ...!

Gaara: Let's go.

Gaara and his group leaves.

Yamato: ...Naruto.

Kakashi, interrupting: You must be able to answer that for yourself.

Naruto, face down: ...

Madara's space.

Sasuke: ! Let us out of here!

Madara: You're confused aren't you. I'm going to let you out now, and waiting for you is a present outside.

Danzou: !

Sasuke and Karin appear from Madara's mask.

Sasuke, with an angered face uses Mangekyou Sharingan.

Danzou: Uchiha...Sasuke...

Madara: You, stand back...if you get caught up in this, you'll die.

Karin: ...!

Karin distances herself. Madara moves back to the top of the pillar.

Bandages removed from his instrument.

Danzou's right arm has a countless number of Sharingan.

Danzou: Both of your Sharingan will be mine.

Danzou removes the viel from his right arm to reveal...many Sharingan!!!

The End.

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